National Benefit Travel Experiences

Travel Experiences have become so important to benefit events that we are making it as easy as possible to provide no risk pre-arranged travel experiences to your guests and to your sponsors as fantastic sponsorship opportunities!  

Make no mistake.  Most guests at your event will take a vacation some time this year.  They're already budgeting for it!  Why not create an opportunity where your guests can turn that vacation they're planning on taking anyway into an outstanding giving opportunity.  

Everyone wins!  Guests have the opportunity to give BIG......your organization wins big, and the vacation happens just as it was meant to for that couple or family.  (Only now, thanks to you, maybe they'll experience a brand new destination.)

We're here to help make the most of your next event.  Browse through the options below, and then let us help you choose the perfect travel experience to add that special touch of excitement to your next event.