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Jama visits with the crew at Insight.  This is an excellent description of how National Benefit Auctions & Events works with clients to avoid common pitfalls and create outstanding fundraising events!  (Click photo)
Looking for a new twist!?

The Kick Back and Relax Adirondack Art benefit auction ran their event both in their party tent in the streets of Historic Downtown Auburn, Indiana AND on line with world wide bidding!


The "spirit of giving" was just as strong in the tent, but the addition of internet bidding made a real difference to the bottom line of this year's event!


Let us help your committee come up with a fun new twist that will be meaningful for your guests! 


The possibilities are endless!


How can we help you?

We are here to help your team make the most of the time you have with your valued guests.  Our specialty is Fundraising Communication....we help you connect to your guests through your message.  We help you grab their hearts and create the Spirit of Giving that will make them feel committed to giving to your organization.

Most organizations have found that they have the luxury of ONE signature event that will connect them to their potential donors in a meaningful way.  You cannot afford to waste a single second of that special once-a-year event.  We help your team utilize every second of your event to connect to the hearts of your donors in a way that will have them asking for next year's date before they leave!

Volunteer Workshops

We sit down directly with your volunteers and provide them with written materials and a professional consultant so that no one (even NEW volunteers) feel like they're starting from the beginning.

Our materials are updated constantly with new trends, great new ideas, discounted or free vacation/auction item opportunities, and current forms so that even our seasoned volunteer teams begin each year with a creative new jolt of information!  (Stale events are the enemy... we make sure that even the most seasoned team doesn't fall victim to "that's how we always do it".)

Communication Support

Your consultant will support your team in as many ways as you need!



Facilitating Conference Calling

Unlimited Email Consultation

Individual Telephone Consultation

Media Relations and Comfort Level with the Interviewing Process

Complete use of our marketing and art departments

On Line Auction Listings and Live Bidding

FREE Event Night Forms

Bidder Numbers

Discounted Vacation Packages designed specifically for Fundraising Events

Volunteer Sharing with other Organizations where available

Event Night Coordinators/Planners

Event Night Software

Profit Centers

Stale events are our enemy!  Let us help you create new profit centers (games and activities) that will engage, but not confuse your guests.  The ways that you can connect to your guests meaningfully and encourage them to give are endless!  Don't get bogged down in the details...or the opportunity for mistakes.  Let us share new ideas...and new trending twists on the good-old-standard ideas!

Secret High Bid

Wish Table

Tree of Tiny Treasures

Crazy Auctioneer Game

Pot of Gold

Lucky Number Seven

Bidder Palooza

Jump In!

....more!  The possibilities to engage your guests and make YOURS the event to support are endless!!

Call Jama today at (260)  925-2796 to set up a FREE initial consultation with you and two other team members.

Worried about the size of your event?


Concerned that this service is not for you because this will be your first event?

Event fundraising is where the majority of charitable organization budget dollars originates!  You cannot afford to minimize the importance of your event.  We certainly do not!

The highest growth currently in fundraising events is in the events netting $25k-$100k.  New to the scene?  That might be you.  And YOUR event is a priority to us!  We want to help you raise the money you need to make things happen within your community.

Presentation tells us a lot about your organization
Remember, guests do not give to your organization because you're "needy".  They give to the potential to be a part of success in your community.  Your materials should speak to how important you feel your guests are as well as to the health of your organization.

We can help!  Allow our team to put together a sponsorship program for you that will allow you to make money on your printed materials while creating beautiful printed pieces that communicate your need AND your stability to your guests.