All Great Events begin with a lot of questions!

We welcome your questions.  In order to help your team create the best event possible, we want to know exactly what you've already been doing and where you'd like to be going.  We know you need to know a lot more about what we do.  Contact us today and ask away!  We love what we do and we definitely want to talk to you today.

Jama Smith, BA, BAS

(260)  925-2796

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Jama is the owner and lead Fundraising Consultant for National Benefit Auctions.  With a degree in communications and background in not-for-profits and retail (prior to becoming an auctioneer in 1998), Jama has a unique understanding of both auctions/events and the psychology of giving within the not-for-profit arena. 

Jama brings understanding and enthusiasm to the table every time she meets with your volunteer team.  Believe it or not, charitable giving is up!  Jama will make sure your team takes complete advantage of our system so that your event will increase in financial success to your organization and value to your guests!

Jim Littlejohn, BAS, CES, CAI, AARE

(260)  925-2796

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Jim's longstanding success in the auction industry (2009 Indiana Auctioneer Hall of Fame Inductee) as well as his undeniable record of commitment to various charitable organizations (Kiwanis, IAA, NAA, church, youth sports leagues, Boy Scouts of America, and more) gives Jim a unique and passionate understanding from the microphone as he communicates with your valued guests.   He knows what guests need to hear to feel connected and passionate about your organization.  Jim fills each benefit event he presides over with excitement and fun!


With more benefit events than ever vying for the attention of your potential donors, Jim makes guests ask when your next event will take place.